Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Story of Yesterday Morning

Corey and I drove to Magee Women's Hospital, nearly clipping my rugby teammate in the parking lot (she uses it as a short cut to class for law school). We parked, found our way upstairs to the Women Care Associates offices, and waited in the lobby with another young couple.

When they called my name, I got weighed and sent into a bathroom to give a urine sample. I noticed another urine sample on the counter and recognized that it belonged to the other woman from the waiting room. Because I am competitive and possibly crazy, my first thought was to out-pee that woman. Hers was but a trickle of dark urine. I filled that cup until it overflowed. Why am I like that? Why did I have to beat the other woman from the waiting room?

I went to join Corey in the examination room, where we noticed that the gyno staff never took the stickers off the "hamper with flip lid," clearly from Target. We also discovered I had holes in my socks. We debated whether it was worse to get an exam with hairy legs or holey socks and decided the socks weren't so bad after all. There I sat in my mustard-colored tube socks that, when I wear them to rugby practice, my teammates call support hose.

And then Samantha came in. She congratulated us and confirmed our suspicions: we have produced a baby. Or at least a baby in progress.

We answered questions, talked with her for nearly an hour, and Corey was given the chance to ask any nagging questions he had left. Corey, who still felt weary of the results after 12 days of no period and four positive tests, after one hour discussing pregnancy with a midwife, asked, "When will we know the results of the pregnancy test?"

We all laughed. Samantha looked at him and said, "It was positive. You're definitely going to have a baby."

I went home and ordered him a book: The Caveman's Pregnancy Companion.

And then I waited as a million emotions took me everywhere imagineable.


PeaceLoveMath said...

I think he was wary of the results, not weary, unless he's tired of hearing you tell him that you're pregnant. Hee hee.

YAY now everyone knows! So exciting.

Emily said...

I'm kind of amused he was doubtful after FOUR tests!!

I just spent the last hour on baby websites discovering the size and details of the current state of your uterus. sorry if that is creepy.


Snacky D said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am looking forward to the arrival of the newest member of Team Lev!

p said...

Corey had better start practicing talking, he's going to have to yammer on and on to this kid, it is going to be great!

you're going to be a great mom!

freya said...

You made a baby?!? I'm so impressed!

Laura V said...

men are so weird.

Em said...

Corey is not a caveman! Caveman did not have wheels, or, by extension, bicycles. Give your man some evolutionary credit! ;)

Vince said...

Congratulations, both on winning the pee contest, and reproducing.

Rosemary said...

rank, shady showed me the picture txt message. i think you had sent it to me, but i don't receive pictures on my cell! congratulations, we talked about it w/ all the PSU-ers down in Florida this weekend for rugby. this is so exciting.

ninny said...

didn't your mother teach you to not wear holey underwear - or socks?!