Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gross, I know

I haven't showered yet today. I just can't work up the nerve to undress in the cold house. I know the actual shower will be toasty warm, but the nanosecond where I'll be out of my robe and flannel pj's is just too much for me to bear right now.

Corey and I made the executive decision to turn the heat up to 65 this winter. I know! Huge changes from our usual 62. It feels warmer than I remember, I guess, but still a bit drafty. Like too drafty to possibly move from my throw-blanket shroud and into the shower.

But I'm starting to get worried because if I wait much longer, my hair will still be wet when I have to leave to go into campus later. And that will make me even colder!

So I'm going to count to five hundred and then suck it up and get in the shower. Be a big girl, Katy. Just do it.


Anonymous said...

Does your house actually reach the temperature on the thermostat? That would be amazing to me. My house, old, drafty, in line with the howling Iowa winds, and a split level, has to have the thermostat set around 72 for it to be 62 in the bottom half and 68-ish in the top half.

PeaceLoveMath said...

Paul and I have our heat set at 68, although I'd go lower if I was paying the bill for it. Our upstairs neighbor has hers higher, so ours barely turns on, because the radiator in our foyer is on her controls, so it's almost always on. Luckily our bedroom stays nice and cool for my favorite sleeping weather!