Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time Out

Did anyone see the NYTimes crossword yesterday? It was all crazy horizontal, with weird circles in it. You can't do that to me on a Monday! I mean, the Monday NYTimes crossword puzzle is perhaps the most amazing thing in the universe. Never too challenging, just perfect for after work when you have little patience, little time, and lots of sitting around to do.

But this one was all weird and strange with answers longer than 3 letters, some even longer than 8 letters! Don't do this to me on a Monday. I can expect these things on a Wednesday or Thursday...well actually I can't ever remember seeing a crossword in the NYTimes that wasn't perfectly square and all even and just perfect. This oddly shaped craziness threw off my whole afternoon. Can't deal! I didn't even finish it. Which is almost more infuriating than its being weird in the first place.

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