Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pumpkins Again

My favorite rugby event of the year is ALWAYS the pumpkin carving party. I love that party because it's so chill and there is simultaneously so much to do. Darts. Flip cup. Punching bags, foosball, pumpkin carving! It's like a sensory overload.

This year I was sure I had a winning pumpkin. I sort of hand drew the Obama logo on my squash and carved away. Only nobody but Corey and Dave knew what it was. People thought it was the PLEA logo. Or someone thought it was the UNICEF logo.

Then, in the contest, I won all right. I won DFL (dead fu*#ing last for those readers who don't hang out with cyclists). While I was extremely happy with the star bucket, the lottery tickets, and even the booze (cooking purposes, obviously...) I was sad that my pumpkin got the last award cuz it said "hope" on it.

I need to start hanging out with my friend Rosie, who had a pumpkin for change porch. Or I need to just think of better pumkins I guess...

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