Sunday, November 09, 2008


Some may argue the meaningfulness of this post in terms of my commitment to NaBloPoMo, but I must say it's challenging to think of something earth shattering every morning. Instead, I want to write about what's shattering my earth this morning.

Mint tea. More specifically, mint tea with rosemary.

Several weeks ago, I began chronicling my adventures with mint I stole from the neighbors' garden. My own little cutting is starting to thrive and I have no doubt that, come spring, I'll have plenty of mint for myself. For now, I'm still trekking over to their herb bed in my slippers (actually I'm wearing Corey's slippers because mine are broken) to harvest mint.

I learned just last week that mint tea? It's just hot water poured over mint. I thought for some reason that to become tea, something had to be processed or something. Manipulated in some way. Turns out I am totally wrong!

So in the mornings, when the mint oil is the strongest, I snip off a few branches and stick them in my teapot. Pour on the hot water and a dab of honey, and suddenly I'm escaping to a place that is calm and relaxing and warm instead of the 57 degree house filled with anxiety I currently inhabit.

There is just something about autumn and hot tea that makes me feel amazing. I love how when my family gets together, all of us sit around with hot mugs of tea and just chat. I loved this even more when 11 of my relatives descended upon my house last January and we sat around my very dining room table, just clutching mugs and sipping goodness.

The fact that I am making the tea myself, snagging the ingredients from my own (and my neighbors'...) yard seems to tighten the circle of life and make me feel more grounded. More in control of the space around me. The more things I create from scratch, the more I come to appreciate things--all things--and feel more mindful.

So when I walk out back and clip some rosemary or lemon mint or maybe even some lavender and boil it on my own stove, I'm doing more than just quench my thirst and freshen my palate. I think I'm getting a better idea of my place in the world.


PeaceLoveMath said...

Wait, so did you put the rosemary in the mint tea? Is that good?

Do you crush the leaves at all? Or just whole mint leaves?

Katy said...

i didn't crush anything, just stuck it in whole. the rosemary gave it a really interesting after-taste. but then, i also have this press thingy that smooshes down the leaves and things to the bottom of the teapot, which is kind of like crushing it i guess.

Valtastic said...

Add some green tea in there and not only will it taste amazing... but think of all the antioxidants that you will have consumed...