Friday, November 21, 2008

Crud Catcher

Corey has these strange ideas about the way things need to work in bathrooms. Mostly I don't care, but I hate his crud catchers. I hate them. He buys these devices meant to catch things (hair, mostly) to prevent draig clogs. I guess that's fine. But these things he buys get stopped up with soap AND hair and the result is me showering in 6 inches of disgusting water.

Sometimes I just freak out and throw the crud catchers away and then he yells that we have crud going down our drain. So what would happen? Cloggy drains and showers in ankle deep water? Doing that already!

Anyway, the current crud catcher looks like a colander. It's about as large as one, too. It sticks up out of the drain, a giant plastic, prongy crud catcher. It's impossible to clean because the zillions of prongs, adept at catching the smallest of hairs, cling to the hairs like Seran Wrap to warm Corningware. So then a soapy film builds over the layer of hair. Corey says the hippie soap I buy is to blame and that it's preferable to wash petroleum products down the drain as they don't stick to the crud catcher so much.

By the time a shower is over and the water eventually all drains down, there are tracks of gray globs throughout the tub. They are, like, disgusting soapy scum balls. Every day my shower looks like a mold man lives inside. I find it impossible to believe that Corey and I are this filthy. I clean the bathroom once a week. This entire problem is due to his crud catcher.

Well I'm going to boycott it. I'm not going to use it when I shower. I'm going to take a shower where all the water goes down the drain and if a little hair goes down there? I'm going to trust my pipes to handle it and buy a drain snake. Corey his crud catcher can take their grody showers together without me.


Emily said...

We have a prong-less one that the hair comes out of easily. Its gross but cheaper than a big clog.

Valtastic said...

I rent... therefore we let the crud go down the drain...

Em said...

You don't have a grate on your drain? We have a plain grate with holes in it and it catches the hair just fine. Anything small enough to get through is also small enough not to clog the pipe. At least, we haven't had problems.

jordanlev said...

I have a crud catcher and love it (but I clean it out after every shower). My soap gets caught in there too, but I do NOT use hippy soap, so don't worry about that. But the ones I have are not the strainer types (I've seen those - blech!). They have bigger holes in them. Maybe you need to find one of those instead because they're super easy to clean out -- I just grab a wad of toilet paper and wipe the inside once.
I think Corey doesn't want the drains clogged because HE'S the one that's going to have to fix it. Or maybe it's just that special brand of Lev Family neuroticism.