Friday, November 28, 2008

Lost at Sea

I am exhausted, dizzy, and seasick this morning after what is easily the worst night's sleep of my life. This includes all the times I've drunkenly slept on floors or been camping on a rocky slope. The cause of my misery? Corey, obviously.

We are in my childhood room, in my childhood bed, which my mother has since placed on risers to help store the ever-expanding pile of my sister's possessions that get to live in all of the bedrooms at Martin Drive. (Even though she moved out. Pack rat!) So anyway, what happens when you take a bed on wheels and put each wheel in a flat, smooth little cup? It rolls. It slides. The bed sways like a hammock at sea.

This is usually only a problem when you first mount the bed. Then, for a minute or so, you sway with the breeze and you fall asleep and it's fine. Only last night, Corey thrashed with the force of a goat hitting a barn wall. He didn't roll. He shot himself into the air, like Shamu, in order to flip and land with a splash. He kicked like Daniel Sepulveda on 4th and long. He rocked this damn boat as if we were Forrest Gump out to sea during a hurricane in the bayou. My resulting nausea has nothing to do with the blueberry in my uterus.

Then? This morning? He tried to cuddle and hug me.

Now I'll admit I've been experiencing what you might call hormone-induced mood swings and bursts of temper. But I am pretty sure my anger this morning was entirely justified. I am not sleeping in this hammock with him again. We're either taking it off the risers or he is sleeping in one of my other sisters' rooms tonight. Or else I'm giving him a sleeping pill so he stays put.


kk said...

Pack Rat you are from a whole family of Pack Rats. And if I remember correctly are there not precious moments figues in the basement somewhere, and a key board in the bedroom closet? But why not sleep in another room tonight and have a whole bed to yourself???????

Valtastic said...

pack rat... did you read your post about organzing and all the stuff you found?? Poor Corey... 8 more months of you hormonal. ;)

Also I don't think Corey could ever cause as much ruckus as a whale...

PeaceLoveMath said...

If you remember to mail my cell phone charger on Monday I will send you a fun surprise thank-you package!

I vote for taking the bed off the risers or else bracing it against the wall so you can still snuggle.