Friday, June 27, 2008


There is a tiny zucchini living in my backyard. Actually, there are two of them. I nurtured them from wee little seeds and now they are nearly something to eat! The other day I walked back there to peek at the big, beautiful yellow flower growing out of the vine. As I got closer I saw that the flower was all shriveled and I got really upset, thinking the stray cat of the neighborhood got in there and messed stuff up.

When I climbed up the hill to the garden, I saw that the shriveled flower stuck out the end of an actual vegetable! (Or is it a fruit?) I got very excited and nearly picked and ate it, but I'm trying to behave and wait for it to be big enough for dinner. I just can't wait to roast it with olive oil and salt. Or just eat it like a popsicle as I run around the yard singing joyous songs. Peas and zucchini. I can grow food! Who would have ever imagined I would take joy in such simple things?


Jane said...

Did Ninny see it?

Valtastic said...

I'm glad you listened to me and waited to pick it!