Saturday, June 07, 2008


Since our return from Italy, exciting things have been happening in the garden. The basil plant has leaves. The garlic is getting tall and sturdy. I eat of the thyme bush daily. The vine fruits (zucchini and pumpkin) look a bit like actual vines and the tomatoes are getting thick. But all of that is nowhere near as exciting as the pea patch.

Last night, I prodded them as I do daily, examining their purple flowers and tucking the vines in and among the trellis to help them choose a good growing path. They were just viney flowers then. This morning, when I went to get the paper, I saw what looked like a large green butterfly or worm eating my pea vines. I got so angry! I have been nursing these peas since Easter! I stomped over there and gasped in shock.

The worms were peas. Actual peas! Growing on the vine! Even though it was seven AM, I started yelling Corey's name and, picking two delicious snappy peas, tromped up the steps to feed him my bounty. We climbed in bed together and sunk our teeth into the crisp, sweet peas grown in our own yard. I fed my family.

It felt so amazing. I can barely describe the sense of accomplishment I felt at nurturing life. It was unlike any previous achievement. So seemingly mundane, certainly something that happens daily. I grew something and then ate it. I went outside and harvested all the mature peas: four of them. We ate them immediately.

What a wonderful place the earth is.

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ninny said...

wish i would have been invited for peas....