Sunday, June 08, 2008


There is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh called Bloomfield. Much like the Bloomfield we inhabited in New Jersey, this version is heavily settled by those of Italian descent and is, in fact, nicknamed "Little Italy." Corey and I have been known to go there for gelatto, but mostly the neighborhood is known for the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, which serves Polish food.

On the corner of Liberty Ave (the main street) and the Bloomfield Bridge is a giant, cheap grocery store called Shur Save. It brims with generic products, the workers have a union and thus fair wages and lots of benefits, and it sports a flashing electronic side outside. This sign flashes the weekly specials in two word chunks. "Asparagus $1.99 lb." "Canned Corn $.50." My favorite part is when I get the red light and get to read the whole series, because then I get to giggle about the chicken sales.

Since the font is so large on the sign, there really isn't room for detailed description. Shur Save doesn't care, though. They feed you the info in chunks, like Morse Code. "Skinless chicken" will flash at you a few times and, just as the light turns green and you stick the car in first gear, you get your parting, lasting shot:

"Breasts $1.99."

It's sometimes my favorite part of the day. I call it the boobs sign.

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Rugger said...

HOORAY for BOOBIES...I meam breasts...O.K., not really...YAY BOOBIES!