Thursday, June 05, 2008

Post Script

After my last post about buses, I went to the bus website to discover that the domain name had expired in May! What the hell? Do I need to go drink ten beers so the city can have my $2 to renew the domain name? What does something like that cost? Who is in charge here????

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Snacky D said...

Hahah... "who is in charge?" is right. Hell, they even said in the news a few months ago that the Port Authority had some huge amount of uncounted coins in storage. This is ridiculous! I think they need to hold the people running the Port Authority accountable. They should overhaul the Port Authority and get people who will run it efficiently and effectively so that (ideally) we wouldn't even need a drink tax to bail them out. I don't like the idea of one industry (in this case, hospitality/food service) being singled out to bear the burden of funding a mismanaged public transportation authority. I hope voters remember all this when the next election rolls around... I know I will!