Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today I have to drive my car to work, but it's all in the name of nature. I assure you. I am taking a composting class on the South Side tonight. There isn't time for me to bike home and get the car and drive it to the WYEP station (location of snazzy tour AND composting class!) and the class comes with a free, giant composting bin. There is just no way I can finagle such a thing on a bus or Etienne. It puts a strange feeling in my stomach, this knowledge that I'm about to drive the car to work.

But I have been looking forward to this class for months. I even rescheduled my jury duty summons to make sure I'd be available! Things are starting to pop up all over the place in the garden and I want to learn how to best feed the long vines and tall leafy carrots. I want to make compost better than I do currently with the heap of egg shells in the middle of the backyard.

Perhaps as penance for using the car today, I can travel by bus all weekend when my mom is visiting and introduce her to the wonder that is the 71A.


Anonymous said...

my dad is making me a compost grinder, it is basically a 5 gallon slop bucket under a stand with an old kitchen sink garbage disposal hooked to it, i can put leaves and goop and food into it to break up the bigger stuff so that it breaks down faster. have corey build you one.

PeaceLoveMath said...

That sounds so cool! Maybe Paul can build ME one!

kk said...

I bet your mom would love riding the 71A all weekend:+)