Friday, June 20, 2008


Corey and I signed up for a farm box through Isidore foods. I mentioned it the other day in gushing about granola. Our 8-week subscription is for dairy (milk, eggs, cheese, butter), bread, and meat. The dairy and bread parts have been what we expected: plentiful and delicious. The meat box, however, has so far exceeded my expectations I'm not quite sure what to do. When I say this, I mean there is so much meat I cannot carry it all home with me comfortably.

Look at this meat picture, taken with my cell phone in shock at the pickup site:
You are gazing at an entire ham, a rump roast, a pork shoulder, a packet of stew cubes, and two pounds of ground beef. All of it pastured, sustainably raised, and humanely butchered! But I digress, because the treatment of the animals did not make it weigh less.

I had shown up with my huge L.L. Bean bookbag from college, thinking I could just carry any extra meat in my arms. After I stuffed the ham and the pork shoulder into the shoe compartment, slid the smaller packs of meat in between the milk and bread and cheese, there wasn't room for another breath of air in that backpack. So I had to stagger onto the bus with a rump roast on my lap. Can you imagine what people thought of me? A girl with a rump roast on her lap and two pounds of cheese dangling from her right arm?

I was so happy to hurl that feast into the freezer. We are going to have meat and dairy products for months. Everyone should come to my house for ham dinner. There's plenty!


Emily said...

i want to come visit!

Laura V said...

The pork is from Wil-Den, yeah? They're quite tasty! I like Hogwash Farms a little better but my quarterly orders go through Wil-Den and oh, Katy, you have to try their chops sometime (you can buy things a la carte down at Farmers @ the Firehouse in the Strip, Saturday mornings).

Jane said...

Hannah will want to find such treasures in Harrisburg.

kk said...

How does one "humanely butcher" animals??????? And what time is dinner??????

Anonymous said...

I know a vertically integrated beef operation near my house outside of Gettysburg, they raise the crops, do a cow/calf operation, finish with corn on their own feed lot and butcher and sell in their own shop...if you're interested tell Katy and she can get you my email address.

As for the humanely butchered animals, I question that myself since it insinuates that everyone else is in violation of the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, but probably these animals were raise with a little more personalized attention to their health and wellbeing.

And for you geeks out there dying to know, the Act requires stunning so that the animal doesnt feel the pain of the death inflicting cut unless it is halal or kosher, and the latter methods are supposed to be done quickly as to not make the animal realize it has been done.

sorry Katy, I can't help commenting on the beef, although I start veggies, drugs and dairy next week.

P said...

I will refrain from making off-color jokes about your meat.