Monday, June 09, 2008


Corey has to order new checks. We sat around talking about checks and he joked that he might order ones with a wolf howling at the moon. My mom, by accident she claims, clicked the wrong box on a form once and ended up with a packet of ridiculous cartoon checks with the extra carbon page. She looked like one of those ladies in holiday sweaters with plastic earrings, pulling out her animated checks with the carbon page.

It reminded me of my K-Mart days, when you bet your ass I would judge people based on their check preferences. Mennonite women always seemed to have Disney checks, while men in hats always had NASCAR ones. Frat boys tended to have Eagles or Penn State checks, but there were also people who rocked the gold-embossed monograms or Mickey Mouse. Adults! With Mickey Mouse!

My cousin Addy works as a bank teller on college breaks, and I asked her to tell me what sort of checks she sees these days, ten long years since my last K-Mart transaction. Here is her compilation of regular basis checks:
Disney characters
Harley Davidson
Wizard of Oz
Breast Cancer

I can't decide which ones are the most embarrassing. I am leaning toward leopard, but Scooby-Doo is high up there! Which checks do you find most embarrassing?


PeaceLoveMath said...

Looney Toons characters, definitely the worst.

When I worked at PNC I got free checks, so I ordered NASA ones that had 4 different neat space photos in the backgrounds. Now I just have plain blue PNC.

ninny said...

you're loser aunt judy ordered hers in spanish cause she liked the designs and didn't see the print!

Kimberly Magrini said...

fairies, garfield, leopard, scooby doo, i hate them all. except the wizard of oz. i love that movie.

PeaceLoveMath said...

ninny used the wrong "you're"!!

Valtastic said...

Ok so I used to be bored when I was a bank teller and my initial checks were precious moments.. then I got bored one day and got animal print ones that say grrr baby underneath my address. (In my defense I was 19)Then my last summer at the bank I got zen ones... I still have batches of them all... good thing they only go to my apt complex.

kk said...

Who writes checks anymore???? When I did write them I always had plain checks with a K on them, because I like you think the things people have on their checks are embarrising. You know people put things on their credit cards also. I knew a lady once who had ELVIS on hers.

P said...

I have penguin checks and I don't care what anyone thinks of them. It boggles my mind, however, when grown-ups have cartoon characters on checks. I mean, I watch Spongebob, but I don't have Spongebob checks.

Katy said...

grrr baby? Val! You are so gross!

Valtastic said...

I was 19!!! And believe it or not I used to be a perv...

Jane said...

What fun to read these! We hardly use checks anymore, so anything other than plain or internet banking seems embarrassing to me.

PatsE said...

Yo I hear you about the Disney fatigue. Remember that lady I told you about--who had a Mickey Mouse sequined dress and matching M.M. clutch purse? Scary!

I just got some William Morris checks and I'm diggin' 'em. Now I just have to focus on *not* using them!

So happy to chat with you yesterday...

Anonymous said...

I just had to comment on this one-even tho I cannot remember my password...I once ordered some kind of fancy check(maybe flowers or animals.. )but herb absolutely refused to use them and we had to order new, plain ones. Herb even thinks green is an exotic color for checks! so Corey is "allowing" you to get fancy checks-whoo-hoo!

I am most impressed by the William Morris checks. Now that is sophisticated. Oh, and I don't think Ninny used the wrong "you're" -- she just left out the word "the" before loser....