Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I think I am obsessed with CrossFit. Last night's workout was so fun. I can't even stand it. This is what we did:
50 situps
50 double-unders (where the jump rope spins twice per jump! Hello whipped legs)
50 situps
50 lunge walks
50 situps
50 burpees
50 situps

Then we all went outside and flipped giant truck tires up and down the street for awhile and ended with hand stands.

My favorite part about it was working in small groups to motivate each other through the exercises. There is no way I could have gotten through 50 burpees on my own, but I had Lust and Joey standing there telling me I could and somehow I just found the ability to do them, claps and all. It felt really powerful.

After all the workouts were finished, the rugby girls started playing as only rugby girls play: climbing ropes and cargo nets, seeing who could do more pull-ups, playing with kettle bells. The same thing happened at Rum Shakers after the full weekend of rugby games in Pittsburgh. All the MARFU girls were jamming and noticed pull-up bars in the club. What were they going to do? Continue dancing and NOT see who could do more pull-ups to the crazy techno beat?

I am always surprised when I hang out with other people and they don't try to compete at things, like who can drink their lemonade the fastest or who can go to the bathroom in under 30 seconds. I believe that the designers of CrossFit secretly had rugby players in mind. Only crazy competitive people could complete such a workout and then, for fun, do more strenuous things.

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Emily said...

They are pull up obsessed. They were doing the by the pool at the hotel.