Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Crazy Psycho Stalker?

Lately, I just can't stop staring at Corey. Last night, I sat in our bedroom for a long time watching him fold laundry. I am just so fascinated by him and I think he's so hot that I can't stop staring. Plus, everything he does is strange and interesting. Like the way he holds his laundry in place against his chest with his chin while he folds. Or the way he turns the tap water to a gentle trickle and SLLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWLLLYYYY scours the dishes. Or best of all, the way he smiles in his sleep (even when sleeping on the love seat).

I like when he's working on a bicycle and will stop amid the process and stand up, hands on hips, and ponder his work. His brow wrinkles, he is deep in thought, and I just stare and smile. I like watching him be and thinking "This interesting creature is all mine."

Why do I stare at him like this? Am I a psychopath or weirdo? Last night, during the laundry watching, Corey said it was rude to sit there and do nothing and not help. But I wasn't "doing nothing;" I was staring and contemplating this person with whom I have decided to share my life.

I feel like he understands me so well. He always knows why I do things and gets my strange processes and tics. Then I feel like I don't understand him well enough. So I have to watch and study and learn what he is all about. Maybe if I study him carefully, I will someday pinpoint exactly what it is that makes him tick and then I will know why I love him so much.


kk said...

but you already know why you love him......because of all the things he does and how he does them. the same reasons he loves you. it just is:+) i hope you always feel this way about your man....also you do learn a lot by watching your man sleep. i watch all the men in my life sleep, it is sort of a hobby.

PeaceLoveMath said...

awwww...ain't love grand?

em said...

I'm smiling all the way from Missouri.

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