Thursday, May 11, 2006

Magical Land?

Last night, Corey and I trekked to Shop N Save and boy did we save! We hadn't been shopping in two weeks. We were down to a box of raisins and some barbeque sauce with onion skin stuck to it. So we filled up the cart.

I cleaned the shelves of Pasta Roni. I loaded up on nuts and dried fruit in preparation for our camping trip. We bought meat. Pounds of meat. So many pounds of meat it filled and overflowed the front-of-cart shelf section.

I also bought the fancy bread and fixins for mountain pie pizzas. There was cheese, fruit, pounds of produce. We even bought NAME BRAND animal crackers. (Although we cancelled that out with generic pasta and cereal and granola bars) I steeled myself for a big number. I closed my eyes. I breathed deeply. "It's ok, Katy. This is food for two weeks. It will be ok. You like eating steak. This will be ok." I opened my eyes: $140.35.

I almost tipped over. That's so cheap! Our cart was overflowing. You couldn't have squeezed one more thing in that buggy. It took many trips into the house up the fire escape to unload. We still haven't bagged and frozen all the meat. $140!!! That comes down to $5 per day per person.

I've had shopping trips where we bought way less and spent way more. I've decided to frame this shopping list and repeat it as often as possible. $5 a day! You can't beat that with a stick! Take that, Giant Eagle!


ninny said...

that's better than your $60 trip to whole foods for mushrooms...

PeaceLoveMath said...

wow! i wonder how much that would cost at safeway? that's where paul and i usually shop, right across the street. we did get tahini at wegman's tho, couldn't find it anywhere else. was this a normal-sized shopping cart?

PS: (almost) happy birthday!