Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Rain

I now know what people mean when they refer to Pittsburgh weather. This is terrible. It's ruining my whole mood. If I have to look at one more rainy, dreary day I might just jump into a river. Any river. They're all brown and overflowing and frothy with rain water.

We can't camp this weekend, either, because of the rains tormenting New England. Rain is washing away my fun activities this week. Boo.

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Em said...

Katy, I'm surprised. You ought to go camping in the rain. It's a given that the first camping trip of the year will be a washout, with bonus points for fog, frost, or both. You have probably jinxed the entire camping season for all of us by refusing to huddle in a sodden tent this weekend and scarf poptarts b/c the wood is too wet to light a fire. Where is your iron constitution? For shame!