Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wait...this isn't cheese?

Even though I told Corey I was cooking vegan food this week, he still couldn't believe me that the lasagna had no cheese in it. The tofu (plus ten thousand spices and Spanish olive oil) really became the same thing as ricotta cheese. Honestly! In addition to 4 cups of gooey ricotta-esque goodness, my pan of lasagna invovled delicious spring vegetables and an entire bulb of garlic. Thankfully, I don't have to tutor any more this week. That would have been embarassing.

I'm even learning to trim time off of my real food recipes. I made the tofu mixture this morning before I left for work and I made the marinara really fast and let it simmer while I worked out this afternoon. Dinner would have been done in 1.5 hours if I hadn't gotten visitors who stopped to smell the fabulous aromas wafting around the apartment building. I find it strange how satisfied I am when people gush about my cooking. It makes me feel powerful. Why is this?

My lactard love was so satisfied with this dinner he made me want to cook such masterpieces for him every single day. He is so happy right now I bet I could even get him to scrub the toilet! He gushed about the awesomeness of the cheeseless meal. No lactaid pills? No problems at my house! Today, for the first time, I made a delicious lasagna and will not have to spend the night in a Dutch oven. I might be sold on vegan food after all.

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Emily said...

dude this TOTALLY inspires me to cook more!!! (as in things that don't come in plastic wrap and little trays!)