Friday, May 12, 2006

Rotten, Stinky Timing

Today, three weeks after accepting an unpaid (though fascinating and worthwhile) internship for the summer, I got the call of a lifetime. USA Rugby rang my mobile (as the British rugby gurus would say) and asked me if I was interested in working as a communications consultant for them this summer. Was I, for example, interested in travling to British Columbia for a 12-day, all expense paid trip to write about the men's national team? Was I interested in popping to San Francisco for most of July to write about an international match tour?

Was I interested???? YESS!!!!! YES I WAS!!!!!! But I cannot do it. I cannot leave my three part time jobs and my partial grad assistantship that pays my health insurance and paid my tuition this past year. I had to turn down a rugby writing job. WHO DOES THAT??? How many times in your life are you one of only three people in the nation qualified to do a job? And then how many times in your life do you have to flipping say no to the dangling fish on the hook?

Oh, I am worked up. I need to eat chcolate immediately. My Pirates tickets had better keep me close to the beer stand. I need to not think about my actions for awhile until I am ready to deal with my feelings of shock and horror at my rotten timing.


east side girl said...

Go get yourself a big happy ice cream cone from Dave and Andy's--it's the cure for any kind of blues!

Em said...


Anonymous said...

oh katy that's awful. i'll have a beer for you too.

kk said...

sometimes being a grown up sucks. but if there is a way around this you will find it. i'm sure you have analyzed this dilemma in a million ways already. good luck

Jane said...

You are 25 today! Happy Birthday, Katy. I'm sure the birthday makes the timing seem even worse. Keep are doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

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