Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Great Debate: AC or Fan?

I hate air conditioning. It's noisy and makes my nose feel stuffy. And I just somehow feel like it's cheating or wimpy or just...not right somehow. Corey, on the other hand, loves air conditioning. He will stand in front of the air conditioner like a frost-bitten person warms before the fire, cooling his back side and then spinning around and rubbing his hands together in front of the chilly breeze. I like the fan. We have a powerful, silent oscillating fan. It's very tall and white and nice. The five seconds when it blows past you and pauses before turning the other way are wonderful. Sleeping with the fan blowing is like lounging by a breezy lake. I think fans are just fine for cooling the air.

Yesterday, we had our annual air conditioning argument. And yesterday, like always, I succumbed. It was blistering hot in Pittsburgh. Summer in her muggy mood has arrived. My ears got sunburned waiting for the bus. The air was so wet with humidity I couldn't get my elbow pits dry. I lay down on the floor in the living room with the fan oscillating, miserable as I ate nachos and watched a workout video. Corey staggered in the door from his 25-mile bike ride and dripped a puddle of sweat. "Katy, we have to get the air conditioner."

It actually wasn't even much of an argument. I silently followed him to the basement and helped to heave and hoist the beast up the stairs. We plugged it in and looked at each other as the chilly goodness blew on our faces.

"Well..." I said, "This isn't too bad. We can leave it on."


kk said...

i'm with cory. nothing but a/c will do. a fan just blows hot air it does not cool anything. also there are a/c with very good hepa filters for your runny nose. that is what we installed at the beach house for james.

onion said...

Well, I just said to my boss that if my husband (otherwise known as Corey's dad) did not allow me to have my air conditioning when I wanted it we would have been divorced years ago...so Iguess he comes by it naturally.

Jane said...

Buy a house with central air. It is much more natural than a window unit. Can't live without it!

PeaceLoveMath said...

my only gripe with my air conditioning is that it cycles on and off, very audibly. the off is noticable because the loud white noise i had gotten used to very suddenly disappears, leaving a momentarily deafening silence (is that a cliche?). the worst part, tho, is when it cycles back on, because it makes a huge "CCHHUUNNNNHHGG" that startles me every time. last night was the first night we had it on, and even tho i can't remember a single on or off noise, i know i must have woken up as a result of each one, because i saw the clock 4 or 5 times and remember changing position a lot more than that. i'm sure i'll get used to it...hopefully tonight, cuz it was 95 here today, so we're sure not turning it off!

onion said...

Peacelovemath: if you take the a.c. off the "auto" or "energy saver" setting, it will not cycle on and off!

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