Sunday, May 14, 2006

Camel Pac

I got a Camel Pac from Corey for my birthday! It's the best invention ever. (I'm wearing it right now.) No matter where I go, I can have hands-free hydration. It's comfortable and reflective and has lots of storage.

Already, I've used my new Camel Pac to hydrate while running lines at the men's rugby game yesterday. And then I used it to keep hydrated at the party after my own rugby game. Which was good, since there were other activities that quite dehydrated me at that shin dig!

And now, I'm using the Camel Pac to whet my whistle while I do telephone interviews. Who knew hydration was so simple? Today, I wore it for several hours while lounging on the sofa watching a Little People, Big World marathon on TLC. With a Camel Pac, you can just lay down with a tank strapped to your back and a hose in your mouth. It's like having an IV drip all day. Laziness redefined! My dad needs one of these for his beer in the evenings, I think.

My pack has lumbar and shoulder straps, plus a hidden pocket for keys and wallets and things. I think it's just about the best birthday present ever. I'll have to really try it out this weekend when we are camping in Maine. Perhaps I'll even wear the Camel Pac during Adam's wedding. The colors do, after all, match my dress.

If a wedding is being held at a campground in Maine, is it wrong to wear a Camel Pac during the reception?


onion said...

Just catching up! Quite an eventful weekend. I am so sorry I didn't get your present to you on time...but it is coming. Looks like you got over your angst about the rugby job...or was that vodka in your camel pac?

Any word on the ducklings?

kk said...

i think you could wear a camel pac to the wedding AS long as it matches your dress. this sounds great i think i should have one for my beverages also.

Em said...

I think the popularity of these things stems from the secret oral fixation almost everyone has. Camel Pacs are an accepted way to nibble and slurp at something all day long. Like you said, an IV, but satisfying.

Or maybe I'm just a dirty minded Catholic kid at heart.

Anonymous said...

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