Monday, May 08, 2006


We went to the Aviary yesterday with Corey's parents. I loved it there...until it was time for the feeding in the Tropical Rainforest. There were Cub Scouts and screaming children and thousands of toddlers pushing and shoving against me, diving for grubs and worms and grapes to feed the birds.

Andy the Handler was getting upset because people wouldn't get away from the auto-sensor on the door and the birds were escaping. Then nobody would back away from him and the birds were squwaking. I had a mild panic attack and had to force my way out of the rainforest.

Later, when the excitement died down and I could return to the abandoned forest in peace, we noticed that Ellen was covered in tropical bird poop. She really got bombed. Not to worry, though! They give you a pin commemorating your crappy experience at the Aviary.

I think I'll go back there another time, during the week, when there isn't as much excitement so I can sit on the bench in the forest and let colorful birds swarm around my head. That would be delightful.


ninny said...

saturday a bird pooped on my sheets that were hanging on the clothesline - i didn't get a pin!

Max&Reno's parents said...

Ninny and Onion will make a good poopy pair at the wedding.

I'll try to get you a pin, Nancy