Tuesday, May 23, 2006


So the enchilada experiment went all right. The entire prep and process today only took 1.5 hours, so 3 hours total for the meal. Luckily, there is so much left over that I will certainly eat enough beans and rice to make it worth the time. My current fear is that I will not be able to eat the black beans before they mold and rot in the fridge.

I think my perception of vegan food was way off. When I started eating, I assumed since there were no animal products, the food would not only taste weird but also not be satisfying. I heaped an enormous mountain of food on my plate and only made it through a small sliver before I wanted to explode. Obviously the beans and rice were delicious. How could a person mess up beans and rice? But what shocked me was the enchiladas. They were amazing! The flavors exploded in my mouth and the seitan really felt like chicken when I chewed it up. I'm a believer! (I'm still not giving up on meat, please understand. This is only for fun.)

Five recipes into this cook book and I am excited. I don't know if I can spend three hours on a meal more than once a week, especially when classes start again. On the other hand, despite the sting of JalapeƱo peppers in my cuticles and the dense lump in the pit of my overfull stomach, this meal was one of the best I've had in eons.


em said...

That's one of the things that pisses me off about evangelical vegans--they're always blathering about how great the stuff tastes. Well, yes, I know it tastes good. Lack of good tasting dishes is not why I'm not vegan, you fool. I like your idea, though, of moving through cookbooks and learning new things. I need to do something similar.

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