Sunday, April 20, 2008

What I Ate Yesterday

Pre-Match Breakfast
--Two fried eggs w/ cheddar cheese on two slices of whole wheat toast
Astro Van Ride to Columbus
--One Power bar
--One banana
Rugby Social
--Two pieces of sausage pizza
--Two bites from a piece of pizza I thought belonged to my teammate, but turned out to belong to a Scioto Valley player, who just kept eating where I left off because they are classy that way
(I was tempted to enter the Scioto version of a boat race, where instead of just drinking a few sips of beer, competitors must down a piece of pizza and an entire beer. I let our back line take car of this competition, and beat the Scioto Valley forwards)
--One small McFlurry w/ M&Ms
--Large quantities of light beer
Post Rugby Social Food Stop
--One large chicken burrito with the works from La Bambas, eaten mostly for nostalgia as the restaurant had picked up in the night from State College and moved to Ohio State's campus in 2002
Astro Van Ride back to Pittsburgh
--One Dilly Bar from a Dairy Queen spotted from afar on the highway, for which we used my GPS machine to find in a rural West Virginia town
Post-Shower Sofa Collapse into Tiredness
--handfuls of dried apple rings, pita chips, hummus

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