Friday, April 18, 2008


I just got totally doted on. The Women's Studies department threw an amazing graduation lunch for the undergrad and grad students who completed their certificates. My school doesn't have an all-out women's studies degree, so people come from all over the school for their home disciplines. I mingled with sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, you name it.

The whole room was decked out in brightly colored decorations, and each grad got a beautiful sea-green mug as a gift. The mugs were tied with ribbons that said CONGRATULATIONS. I dangled mine from my bike.

The whole feast was catered by Big Burrito, which means Mad Mex burritos, all the sour cream I wanted, and black bean dip for my chips. I just about died of a food coma.

The more I commented on how nice everything was, the more the women's studies faculty questioned my surprise. They kept saying, "But it's graduation. Of course we're making a big deal! This is really something special!" It was a contrast to my home department. I got a little choked up, and blamed it on all the black beans.

At the luncheon, the WS director lined us all up in front of the buffet and commented that we looked like a team, the way we just subconsciously slipped into two lines and drew in. Even though I didn't mean half those folks until today, I did kind of feel like a team with them. And it was nice. It's darn great to feel appreciated.


Valtastic said...

eww sour cream... i just don't get that stuff.

Em said...

I bet I could get you to like it. ;)

Valtastic said...

that sounded sexual.. you're not my type em.. :)