Wednesday, April 09, 2008

As Requested

This past weekend, the second and first year MFAs hosted a barbeque for the outgoing third years. I have been reticent to talk about it, because I still fear I may not graduate. I have not yet received my signatures on my manuscript. (I know, I know...of course I'm going to graduate...but I hate to jinx things like this)

Anyway, after a long time and lots of Lions Head and little luck solving the puzzles in the lids, the MFAs wrote a song for the outgoing grads to the tune of "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie." You see, when a bunch of writers get together with musical instruments, they do things like rewrite dorky songs. I think Corey was horrified...

My verse commanded me to post something about it on my blog. So I'm doing that.

The lyrics mainly discuss my rugby, my student athletes, and my blog. It makes me happy. I spent the serenade blowing into a wooden train whistle and feeling thankful that my fellow students are so caring and awesome. I loved that the MFA community here was supportive rather than competitive among the students as often happens. I like, also, how they've incorporated my new last name as a joke at the original song lyrics, too!


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hahaha yaay! that's so cool.