Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quid Pro Quo

My Boss: (gestures at her nose and pushes the box of tissues toward me)

Me: Oh, God! How long have I had a booger? Why didn't any of the students tell me?? Oh, God!

Five hours later....

Me, to student, excitedly: You have a little bit of chocolate on your upper lip there.

Student: (licks his whole face, trying to get the rogue chocolate) Did I get it? That sucks!

Me: Not quite. Still some on there. (Not really, I just want him to keep licking his whole face, because it's funny.) Now you got it.

A few minutes pass.

Me: If I ever had a booger in my nose, you would tell me, right? Because you owe me now.

Student: (Eyes grow wide, looks aghast)

Me: Because I told you about the chocolate. So now you have to tell me if I ever have a booger.

Bases covered.

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