Friday, April 25, 2008


Dan Marino will be my commencement speaker. I cannot express how ironic it seems that I would spend three years tutoring football players only to listen to a speech delivered by one as I graduate. What will he talk about? Will he speak about Ace Ventura or never winning a Super Bowl ring, but also never giving up hope of one? Will he talk about the Central Catholic football hazing scandal a few years ago?

I'll be sitting there in my cap and gown AND HOOD, glad that my dad and Corey will perhaps pay attention to the ceremony, and thinking only one thing: If I were 30 years older, I would have tutored that guy and probably helped him write his speech.


Snacky D said...

Congratulations Katy!!! Can we celebrate by going to 80's night next week? We missed Team Lev last night...

Jumbo said...

Oh dear christ, Katy ... I had no idea Dan Marino would be doing that. Yes, the irony of that fact and one of your avenues of self sufficiency during those three years makes my head swim. Congratulations on the nuptials, commencement, and umm ... I guess buying a house (I only skimmed the blog before firing this off). Anywho. We simply must visit with one another when I'm back from Boston the first week of August.

All the best this summer so far.