Sunday, April 06, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Today, I rode my bike from my house, through Oakland, through Panther Hollow, and into the South Side. It was amazing. I felt so empowered, like I could travel anywhere I wanted without gasoline and it would all be fine.

The first leg of the journey was business as usual, only with added potholes to make things interesting. Then, when I descended into Panther Hollow, I couldn't believe what I got to see. I rode by the steam plant and under the highways. Even the undersides of the industrial bridges are beautiful. The yellow beams crossed in the sun, made interesting was so great.

The trail wound its way across railroad tracks and through parts of Hazelwood before joining up with the brand new bike lane across the Monongahela. The western side of the Hot Metal Bridge, the part that used to be a defunct rail path, is now a bike and pedestrian trail across the river. That was amazing, too! I could look down the river in both directions and see the water breaking against the bridges. I saw a barge go past beneath me. I felt so connected to the city.

The ride HOME was primarily uphill and, thus, much less fun. I feel really great that I got a 14 mile ride in on such a gorgeous day and I feel a sense of accomplishment at discovering a new section of the city. My goal now that I am not holed away writing is to explore this place I have chosen as home. I think this was a nice start.

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