Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Last night after rugby, my teammate Chris had a dead battery in her car. I have had a lot of experience with dead batteries so I was really excited when Chris said, "Hey! Can you give me a jump?" I pulled up, Chris hooked up the cables, I revved the engine a few times, and she was all set to go. But the best part was that three or four of my other teammates stuck around to make sure everything was ok.

They weren't there because it took ten girls to jump a battery or anything like that. They were there to make sure nobody was stuck alone after dark in Carrick. It was awesome. I just really liked the feeling of teamwork, and how it extended even off the field. I don't even know why it all feels so powerful--it was just a few ladies sticking around while Chris hooked some cables up to the Nissan. I guess I just love knowing that because of my sport, a worldwide rugby network has my back. Everywhere, all the time, no matter what. Who doesn't love that?


JL said...

i do love that. rugby is effing awesome. i'm gonna email you now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katy -

Thanks for your comment. I miss reading your stuff too. Just needed to tune out for a while. Work and rugby are keeping me very busy, it was too much to throw blogging in there too. I'm probably going to come back in a bit, move it over to wordpress maybe (I saw some cool ideas there). It depends on if I get this new job, which could make me busier. We'll see.

Two more weekends of rugby here. We had a great tournament last weekend, very fun. We've been having joint practices with our gay men's team. They're pretty fun. And our other men's team (the straight ones?) made the national sweet 16s, so my boyfriend is taking me on vacation so I actually get to be a rugby fan. So excited. Austin, TX. :)

Congratulations on graduating. And congratulations on your new plants. We've got some baby tomatos, peppers and flowers too. But the rabbits nibbled my new croscuses. Little furballs.

I'll check back in again soon. :)