Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Terrible Night

I just had a terrible night at work. One student kicked another student (from another sport) in the nuts and then denied it, even after I said I saw it happen. "I didn't do nothin'," he said. Like a child. The poor victim limped around saying, "I'm good. Nothing wrong here."

Then, a female student athlete loudly proclaimed to the whole lab that she had to go do a number two. When I went into the work bathroom awhile later, there was her number two. Just sitting there. Unflushed. I wanted to kill her.

So many of them work hard and really appreciate us. Then there are assholes, who text message their friends WHILE I AM SPEAKING to them. They demand I do their work for them, freak out when I refuse to type their papers or rewrite their sentences. I need some of the good ones to come in each day so the few unappreciative jerks/babies don't ruin my morale.


kk said...

This nut kicking, hitting,smacking thing is not just at the college level. My wonderful high school sons were practicing this nonsense this past summer. When I asked them why???? There was no reasoning that came out of their pea brains for disrespecting someone else's priviate parts Why do men think they have to hurt someone else? I have never seen females something this stupid.

ninny said...

i know someone at bayer who can investigate the number 2 incident....