Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Proof of Corey's Omnipotence

Katy: "[...whine...moan...complain]."
Corey: "[Grunt! Grunt!]" (rustles magazine pages)
Katy: "Man, my knee hurts."
Corey: "Where? Front or back?" (folds down edge of magazine to look at me a bit)
Katy: "The back. It's killing me!"
Corey: "Your seat is too high." (puts magazine back to face)
Katy: "Really?"
Corey: "Mmm."
Katy: "But how do you know this? You knew just like that it was my bike seat? This is amazing! How can you diagnose like that? Do you have magical powers?"
Corey: "Mmmmm. [grunt, grunt, monotone sounds]."

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