Monday, September 24, 2007


My family were in town this weekend and while Betsy and I went to a rugby party, Corey and my mom went to Trader Joe's to buy organic snack food. I phoned Corey and said, "Can you please get me a half gallon of regular milk?" The next morning, I went to add milk to my tea and discovered a half gallon of whole milk in the fridge.

I meant regular milk, as in not soy milk made from soy beans. Milk squirted from cows, please! He interpreted real milk as milk only going through one step. Pasteurization only, please! My lactard husband doesn't know my milk.

I got very sad at this. I have drunk skim milk only for decades. As any milk drinker knows, one can go down in milk fat, but one can never, ever go up. And I can certainly not consume whole milk. How can my husband not know my milk? I started quizzing him on other things. What is my favorite trail mix? What is my cereal? He said, "I know your tampons!"

I suppose this should be a small consolation, but what am I t0 do with the half gallon of heavy cream in my icebox? One friend has suggested some delicious milk shakes. I might have to go for it. While I am out buying ice cream, I can just pick up some real milk.


j lui said...

lactard. nice.

Valtastic said...

Why don't you return it and get the right milk and say my husband doesn't know my milk... You should have said.. "Cookie Pie can you please pick me up a half gallon of my milk"

Em said...

Have you gotten rid of it yet? Regular milk is good for puddings, sauces, soups, and to pour on apple dumplings. I actually have no problem drinking whole milk, even though I normally drink skim. Possibly this is because I'm a fan of dairy fat in other forms, such as butter and cream, so the mouthfeel does not make me gag. Anyway, good luck on using it.

Snacky D said...

whole milk.... yuk!

mutantin said...

milk, yuk.
soy milk, even yukier!
milk is only good to soak your muesli in.