Friday, September 14, 2007

Donna's Bean Salad

I'm in heaven right now. I seriously mean it. I have just eaten the most amazing thing in the entire world, prepared originally by Corey's cousin Donna and remade successfully by me, with things I grew. This bean salad is satisfying, protein packed, and makes you think of all things summery. Here is the recipe:

One can black beans, juice drained
One can red kidney beans, juice drained
One can white cannelloni beans, juice drained
One green pepper, chopped into chunks
One red pepper, chopped into chunks
One half a red onion, chopped into tiny bits
Three plum tomatoes, roughly chopped
Two cloves of garlic, minced
A hearty shake of really good balsamic vinegar. Like a half cup maybe. Not crappy balsamic, but the REALLY good stuff
A hearty does of olive oil
A whole bunch of fresh basil (this is the part I grew) torn up

Dump it all in a bowl and stick it in the fridge and amaze yourself. You'll die. And then you'll come back to life and eat more of it. Unless you're Corey and you refuse to eat beans. More for me!


Jane said...

That salad will be lunch for me next week. Mrs. MJK Askey will be home, too. Maybe she will want some also.

em said...

He doesn't eat potatoes OR beans? Where does he get his starch? A person can only stomach so much pasta and bread.

Katy said...

he eats rice and cous cous. i think he could eat pasta indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

Talk about increasing your carbon footprint!!

PeaceLoveMath said...

hahaha, that carbon footprint comment was funny!

i could also eat pasta indefinitely. If i could do it and still be as skinny as Corey, I don't think I'd ever stop eating pasta. Altho I like cheese and butter on mine, and I guess Corey wouldn't use either of those toppings since they're milk products...