Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last weekend after our Buffalo game we had a picnic at a teammates' house instead of our usual pub social. I was super excited because my whole family was in town, dressed to the 9s in extra special Christmas presents, and they were coming to the picnic. It was their second ever rugby picnic, the first being at parents night in 1999 when we crammed into Pete's backyard and sang the Two Little Boys song for our relatives.

It made me so happy to see my dad eating burgers and chatting with grill master Luke. To see my mom learning about Baseball, the drinking game. We brought orzo salad and ate ice cream sandwiches and my dad revealed drunken secrets to my lawyer teammate, the Ultimate Slytherin. We burped, we teased, and we all hung out.

Later, at 2am, my sister burbled over with facts I've known for years: It's so cool that we chill with the other team after ward. People are really nice to each other, like for real honest to goodness nice. Everyone is real and genuine. Everyone is successful and amazing. Everyone has cool tattoos.

Well, duh! Haven't I been saying this for years? Rugby is the solution, people.

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Jane said...

No wonder we're related. Nice is it.