Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Student Eating Habits

Last night there was a basketball game, which meant that the entire food court was closed and students had to enter the academic support center through the security entrance in the back. This irritates them a lot because it involves a bag search and no Burger King for at least 6 hours.

My favorite student was on the books for last night. I always love him, even though he makes me work really flipping hard, because he wants so badly to learn things and be a good writer.

So in he flounced, cologne, big earrings, grillz and all. But this day he was angry. "Man, I'm HUNgry!" He repeated this a bunch of times and then looked over at me eating my dinner, a delicious pot roast with mashed potatoes that I had made Monday night. I started to feel badly, but he could have packed, too, if he remembered the game. So I kept eating. He got a little more angry and then asked me in his smoothest Southern charm "Miss Katy, don't you have a drink or something?"

I said "Well, I have my water bottle," and showed him my brown fuzzy Nalgiene.

"No, man, ain't you got, like, some extra Gatorade I can have?"

I can't decide which is funnier: that he really thought I would carry around enough spare Gatorade to share with everyone or his enormous disappointment that his only option was the water fountain.


ninny said...

maybe you need to have snack time like in'll have to find volunteers to donate graham crackers!

Anonymous said...

I agree with ninny.... Get a tub of pretzals from BJ's... Boy's arent the smartest thing in the world. :P


Jane said...

Do you tutor some of those basketball players, too? I watched part of the game last night, since they were playing UConn, and was wondering if one of them was the sausage guy.