Friday, January 19, 2007

Going Pro

My hungry student was in again last night, only this time he had some Burger King "food" so he was in a better mood. As always, I was eating dinner while I work. Because there isn't enough time between students to pee let alone eat some food. This time, he looked at my dinner and said:

"Miss Katy, you're always eating."

He kept staring.

"You're like an all-state eater or something."

To be fair to myself, I always work 5 to 6 hour shifts, which means that no matter what I am always at work during a meal time. Working 3 to 9 means I have to eat dinner at work. 2 is too early and 930 when I get home is too late and close to bed time. On top of this, I like to eat a snack every 2 hours (an apple, some yogurt...) to keep fuel in my tank and encourage a healthy metabolism.

So it probably does appear to my student that I am always eating. I guess I sort of am. But I'm an athlete! I need to use the right gas or my engine will putter out and die.

And as an athlete, I feel kind of miffed at my student's suggestion of All-State status. He could at least promote me to All American.

1 comment:

Jane said...

You probably "putter" out of various body openings, too!