Thursday, June 08, 2006

Scary Chaos

I know why people don't try new things. Stronger than the fear of not being good at something and messing everyone up is the paralyzing, overwhelming feeling of not knowing what the hell is going on, where to stand, when to move, or if I'm even in the correct place. I think Three Rivers Rowing needs to work a little bit on "novice" organization.

When I got to the boat house, there was nobody at the front desk. The front desk person is your buffer between the world outside, where you are comfortable and know where to stand and the scary world of water, where everyone throws around nautical terms and runs about feeling comfortable in spandex. I stood in the very back of the room, observing these tall, lean people and hoping someone would see the look of terror on my face and show me where to stand.

Turns out, there were more unaffiliated novices at the practice than actual accomplished rowers with teams. The new people herded into the boat bays and spent an hour learning how to pick up the shell and then put it down. That sucker is heavy! Even with 8 people lifting, the fiberglass little sleek shell that skims across the water is HEAVY. We then went inside and used the "ERGS" to learn to row properly before they dropped the biggest scary bomb of the night:

The new people are expected to band together and form teams of 8 on their own! With no guidance. I am going to be picked last. I just know it. Nobody will develop as a natural captain, I won't make friends with these people because they will discover that I'm weird. I am going to be all alone, the single novice rower with no home team. I will float around that lobby each Wednesday evening waiting for a team to call for one rower.

Please, Jesus, don't let me be picked last for a crew team. Don't make me stand all alone and ask team spandex to let me join the back of their boat.

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