Friday, June 09, 2006


Yesterday I cheated in most aspects of life. I was going to make a vegan dish for dinner, but stuck chicken breasts in the pan with the vegetables at the last minute. I was going to work out after work, but I went home and cheated on my dinner menu instead. I was going to not eat four cookies and various junk foods, but, as they were being given away free at the Peterson Event Center, I cheated and helped myself to four wonderful cookies AND some candy AND a brownie AND graham crackers. I was going to leave my face alone and let my chin zits heal properly, but I cheated and dug a huge hole in my face. I could go on forever with all the cheating I did.

Finally, around 9pm, I just gave up on my day and sank into the couch with a bottle of wine and watched Corey and LeeAnn play Katamari. Then LeeAnn brought coconut popsicles...

So today, I am making up for it all by over-achieving. I am going to stop perusing the internet and finish fact checking a day early. I am taking a new MFA student out for lunch and telling her how to survive in Pittsburgh. I am going to buy a new toaster and a new George Foreman grill and cook up more vegan burgers. AND I am going to finish my freelance assignment. All this before going out for $0.25 drinks with the ladies at 730. Oh, it will happen! I will have a successful day today!

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ninny said...

stop picking at your chin