Monday, June 12, 2006

Chocolate Diet Continued

I was so worked up from the new Deadwood episode last night I had to eat another piece of chocolate cake for dessert. I also was forced to eat my chocolate pudding for breakfast this morning...forced by my inability to control my sweet tooth. I'm thinking that when I eat the rest of it later today, I should add some sliced peaches so that it will become diet pudding.

It's so interesting how easily I can let go of my great health plans for the summer. I joined an organic produce delivery co-op and a crew team hoping I would drive out all my unhealthy habits. I was going to run two 5k's, enter a regatta, and lift weights three times a week. By God, I would return to my collegiate workout regimen. Instead, I eat chocolate and work too much as my ass molds to the shape of my chocolate-stained office chair.

Thankfully, Corey built me a bike this weekend. Tomorrow evening, I will have either killed him or successfully pedalled away at least one serving of pudding.(ok, ok, frosting!) (A 24oz Gladware container counts as one serving, right?)

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