Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Chocolate Diet

My vegan recipe of the weekend: decadent chocolate cake with double chocolate frosting. This was, of course, my main course. Side dishes included leftover semisweet morsels and chocolate chip cookies. I obviously needed to ease my hunger pains by licking up batter while I was making the creation.

I was pretty impressed with this cake. I don't really think there is any need to use sugar or butter in cakes any more now that I've tasted how wonderful they are with maple syrup and canola oil. The cake is really moist. And chocolatey.

The FROSTING has two cups of chocolate chips, one cup of dark chocolate cocoa, and scads of vanilla with silken tofu. Probably the richest, creamiest, most delicious frosting I ever had. Ever! I don't know quite what to do with the leftovers. I might eat it like pudding with a spoon. Perhaps that can be dessert. I would freeze it for later use, but am scared what would happen if I thawed it back out. Consistency is very important to me.

I have eaten so much chocolate today of varying consistency that I keep finding it in fun places. Like just now I saw some on my forearm that I had to lick off. And in my ring. And under my nails. There's some on my elbow I had to rinse off since my tongue didn't reach. I hate to waste any...I can't imagine how crack can be any better than chocolate.

At any rate, you can find me later this week rolling down the hill on my way to the cardiac arrest hospital in Oakland.


Em said...

I would have thought after your culinary foray with Julia Child that butter would have a permanent place in your heart. Traitor! Traitor to dairy!

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