Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Yesterday was a fantastic day. I finally got to see the rugby people after almost two months in hiding. Since I haven't been practicing this summer because of rowing, I have really, really missed my friends. We all got together and went to see the Buccos lose last night and it was fantastic. I discovered who mailed me the secret photo of me and my birthday pig. I wheedled free beer from the men's team. I met another Penn Stater (and you can never know enough of those!) AND I got to eat perogies and drink beer from left field while looking out at the river as the White Sox hit homers out there.

I spent the majority of the evening convincing my teammates that they missed the boat in not signing up for crew with me. The Tuesday night teams rowed past us several times and the ruggers asked questions and conceded that Team Rugby could have rowed better than those other schmoes. I just know I can talk them into it by next summer. And Corey, too.

Then, to cap off a lovely time, my bus was pulling up right as I walked to the curb! There was my 71A, sans crazy people, to speed me along home to my cookie pie. Just when I thought the day was the most wonderful of all fabulous Pittsburgh summer days, Corey gave me a present. He bought me a whole box of fortune cookies because he knows they're my favorite! I love that he bought me the cookies even though he doesn't support consuming partially hydrogenated oils.

Summer is awesome.

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