Friday, June 16, 2006

A Howling Good Time

This morning, a very pleasant crazy man got on the bus. I've seen him before. He always offers his can of chewing tobacco to all seated passengers in case anyone wants to share. Like always, he sat in the front seat and turned on his boombox that plays a mix of Hari Krisna and Jesus songs. Like always, he started brushing his teeth and humming along to the music.

A few stops later, a really cute little boy got on the bus with his mortified mom. He told everyone he was five and had a microscope watch. Then he looked at the crazy guy and asked his mom "What's wrong with that guy?" The boy and the man stared at one another, contemplating. Then, the little boy started to bark at the crazy guy. Like Furbies, they set one another off with their yabbering. One would howl, the other would imitate. They were dancing in the aisles in no time, blinking their eyes and flapping their little Furbie wings.

Eventually, the boy's mother dragged him off the bus and tried to hide at Giant Eagle. The rest of the passengers just sat there and laughed into our magazines. The crazy guy went right back to his dental care. God, I love the 71A.

PS--I'm changing the blog title. When Corey created this site, he gave it a sucky title. Any comments or suggestions?


east side girl said...

That's a fantastic and funny story.

I like the new blog title. You could also try: A Tale of Three Rivers.

Happy Sunday!

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