Monday, August 29, 2005

Techno Girl

I am so cool. I totally hooked up our wireless router and a wireless card to my laptop. I can make this entry in the living room if I want to. Or the kitchen or closet for that matter! Corey told me I would never be able to figure it out and that I would swear and be angry for hours. Really, my only snafu was not realizing the modem was on standby. 5 minutes installation, tops!

Today I had to go to the financial services building to tell them my address. Despite the Pitt website's encouragement of these visits, you are actually not allowed to change your address regarding tuition refunds. Needless to say, my mother will be receiving and depositing a rather large check for me any time now. The woman at the desk was very, very nice even though a line of confused undergrads wrapped around the building. I showed her the incorrect website and she actually walked it to the webmaster with me in tow so I could see it go on the pile of things to fix.

Whilst in line, I met Patsy from my program. I saw she was reading Faith Adiele's book and asked whether she was in the mfa program and she is! Another new friend for Katy! Also, Patsy and I live 2 blocks away from one another and have the exact same course schedule this semester. I taught her how to buy her lit books on eBay and she taught me how to navigate the student center. What a trade!

I need to go watch some more Deadwood on demand now. I'm totally hooked on that show despite all the eff words!


Jane said...

Hi, Katy! I love reading what you are doing in Pittsburgh. Are you coming here on Sunday. Hope you can get here. Bring only yourself. We will make sure you get to the train station if you need to.

Jordan Lev said...

Fairly unrelated to whatever you were talking about... but the drunken rendition of Happy Birthday was sung to me while I was waiting on line to see a concert at the zoo, and I was talking to Corey about how I got hooked on the show "The Wire". Then I go in and am rocking out to the concert, and one of the groups playing was "The Blind Boys of Alabama", and all of a sudden they start playing the theme song from "The Wire" and I was totally excited. I was thinking about calling Corey back and holding up the cell phone to get some authentic music on the voicemail, but I didn't want to be "that guy". Okay, actually I was "that guy" in many different ways that evening -- "that guy who cuts in line", "that guy who talks really loud through the music", "that guy who buys three bottles of wine and tells everyone he walks by that it's his birthday", but I most certainly was NOT "that guy who holds up the cell phone to put the music on friend's voicemail". Aren't you proud of me mom?