Sunday, August 14, 2005

Move-In Day

We moved in on Friday and man was it hot and HUMID! Rented a 16' Penske truck on Thursday and moved out of Bloomfield, which was surprisingly easy despite Ayo showing up to help late, after most of the heavy stuff was loaded (Thanks Ayo!). We stayed the night in Lebanon and then got to the Burgh around 2:30 and got to work, once again without any help.

You better believe that one of the first things we did was hook up the A/C in our bedroom so we could take breaks in there and cool off. It was so bad that you could feel the sweat pouring out of you and every other trip upstairs we'd rip off a paper towel and mop ourselves up. Katy was probably on the verge of heat stroke for a while too and brought the saying 'boy is my face red' to a whole new level! Not only is our apartment on the second floor, but the front door to the building is up 3 sets of stairs, so I guess you could say we got a good workout.

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ninny said...

it sounds like you worked katy way too hard!