Sunday, August 28, 2005

Alumni Weekend

Just got back from Penn State, where I enjoyed a thorough physical beating from the undergraduate team. The alumni win every year, but that's just because three or four current Eagles steal the show and burn past the freshmen. Those kiddos are good! I am so proud of that program. I also am beginning to feel old since the freshmen are now waaaayyyy younger than Betsy and include one former high school girl I used to coach!

The banquet Saturday night was nice. I'm really glad I paid $35 for a dried chicken breast and some green beans. I just have to remind myself that it's a fundraiser and I can cook myself good food anytime I want.

Corey and his friends seem impressed with my fruit tart efforts. Which is good because I put in many hours perfecting that recipe during my week of boredom.

I didn't really get to see Corey all that much since he was working so hard. And then all the times I did see him, one of the two of us was way too unsober to spend any quality time. We did remember to give Jordan a drunken rendition of Happy Birthday, though!

Corey was pretty excited that one of my former teammates bought a bike from Freeze Thaw, so he got to chat about bikes with Maggie instead of just sitting like a knot on the wood bench while I reminisced with Jim and Susan.

Also, Jenny Lui brought me a Chinese pointy hat from CHINA!!! I have wanted one my entire life and now I own one! No more sun in these eyes! Amber and I have matching ones that we wore all morning until the match. I had to be reminded to take mine off when I went on the field.

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