Monday, August 15, 2005


I just found out I got an assistantship with the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. I will be their Editorial Assistant. So, despite my fervent wish to leave publishing to pursue actual writing, it appears as though I will continue to work in publishing a bit longer. It's paying for grad school, so I can copyedit a few articles as I go! I am super excited about this as well as the chance to substitute teach in local schools to earn some more bucks.

Corey is still working for Sparta Cycling and will continue at least until after the Univest Grand Prix. He is also working away at his bike business. He'll look for a real job in October. Until then, we are eating lots of beans and rice and holding back on the wild, expensive parites we usually go to...


Jane said...

Hi, Katy and Corey,
Loved reading your postings. The apt. bldg looks so cool. How far from campus, Katy?
Mer started her job today, and was still alive at lunch! Talk to you soon.

Jordan Lev said...

Yo, that house is awesome. [Like my use of some HTML tags, such as <b>?]
Katy how come you didn't tell me about this bloggy-thing? Were you expecting Corey to speak up or something??