Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Building

So the minute I saw this building on the Internet, I knew I had to live in it. It didn't take all that much convincing to make Corey feel the same way. It's an old Victorianesque mansion divided into 10 apartments and a penthouse. Our apartment is on the second floor. They all have fireplaces with mantles and built in book cases. As you can imagine, built in book cases are a huge plus. We also have ginormous window boxes in which I will plant vegetables, inspired by Jordan's roommate Amy.

Our kitchen was clearly not designed by a chef and has only one drawer and limited cupboard space. I had to improvise ways to store all my appliances and Corey is hanging a pot rack for me. I have all my spices crammed into one shelf! They are making the dishes smell like oregano and tumeric. Three walls of the kitchen are windows, one wall of which looks right into our neighbors' apartment. Last night we watched Suzanne and Kurt eat some dinner. It was kind of awkward. Like do we say hi while Suzanne empties the dishwasher? This morning over cereal, Kurt and I pretended we didn't see one another reading at our tables.

The dining room is going to be my office. The buttery yellow walls will hopefully inspire some good writing while I'm in school. Corey gets the smaller bedroom as a bike workshop and the big bedroom is our room. His upside down chair got prime location in the living room where we will hopefully have cable sometime soon.

Basically all the apartments in the building are really unique and interesting. Some have stained glass windows and window seats with storage. Others have cool tiles and are painted really neat. There are two other young couples in the building we met so far in addition to 2 old ladies and 2 young women who are all really nice and helpful. Everyone is quick to offer cold water and phone book help to us as we get acquainted and move in.

The neighborhood is pretty neat. I like Pittsburgh better than NJ already because there are street signs. I haven't been lost once and I went to like 5 different places already!

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