Thursday, August 25, 2005


Just when I think it's safe to breathe again and not worry about things, something always pops up to throw a wrench in my plans. I just found out that even though my assistantship is only half time, my commitment prohibits me from working any other jobs through the university. So I had to go quit my tutoring job before I even started! This is so depressing. My options are basically to take out loans or go work at a grocery store.

And then Corey reminded me that I am thisclose to being certified to substitute teach in the public schools. Great idea! Except the mandatory orientation is during my only day of class this week... I called them and they are trying to think of a solution.

On top of this worry and the neverending 8am visits from Comcast, I am right back on the top of the stress pile I thought I had eliminated.

I decided to soothe my worries with some of the yummy beer I bought when Emily Hancheck came to visit. Sweaty Betty sure is delicious! It might even be better than Fat Tire, but don't tell Corey. The young folk of the building had a potluck dinner last night, so that was really fun.

I learned all about how you know if you have a cyst on your butt and thousands of different ways to torment cats. I really enjoy knowing people who are interested in butt cysts. Despite the snafus, the butt cyst conversation really reaffirmed my notion that this is a good place to be.

Now I am off to be oriented with the other grad students! Free pizza!

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